Show Ball 3: the most wanted free online bingo game

Are you already an expert at online bingo games? Great! Show Ball 3 is a great opportunity to relive the most exciting bingo games and get all the prizes in the round.

Ah, you’ve never played bingo before? No problem! Show Ball 3 is also a great opportunity to learn how to play directly from online bingo veterans.

Experienced or novice, you can go back in time and feel the great thrill that only a bingo card can give you when you play Show Ball 3 online video bingo. You will notice that the layout is reminiscent of the old bingo cards that were often used in the old bingo houses.

According to experts, the Show Ball 3 bingo game is the best version of online bingo ever launched on the market!

The fun is guaranteed with Show Ball 3 the biggest free online bingo ever created. Play now at Playbonds site through your computer, smartphone or tablet!

Have fun with the game Show Ball 3 and win prizes

Online Bingo: Show Ball 3

Show Ball 3 is a free online bingo game full of excitement and very easy! Just buy your initial cards and then follow the drawing of the numbered balls. The numbers drawn will be automatically marked on the cards you have chosen.

In ShowBall 3 you can select up to 4 cards with 15 numbers on each to have more chances of winning. If you are an experienced online bingo player you already know that ShowBall is almost like a golden goose.

Just buy your starter cards and then watch the numbered balls being drawn and mark on your cards each ball that is drawn.

In Show Ball 3 30 numbered balls are drawn from the 90 available numbers. Furthermore, in this online bingo you have 12 possible prizes on each card and the possibility of 11 extra balls!

And of course you can also compete for the jackpot!

In video bingo Show Ball 3 you can totally control the dynamics of the game. It’s totally customizable! You can put the game in full screen, activate or deactivate the cards, request extra balls, reduce or increase the speed of the ball draws, choose the bet value on each card and change the sound of the game.

The fun will be to the maximum in these machines because at the very beginning of Show Ball 3 you will start the game with 4,000 credits, and the chances of them multiplying are very big!

That’s why we recommend that you take the time to play Show Ball 3 online. It’s sure to keep you enthralled!

This was designed for you to have a great experience and have fun for hours and hours without having to leave home.

The online bingo game ShowBall 3 is a hit in the bingo fun! A free game that promises to entertain you with the incredible experience of an online bingo.

Start playing Show Ball 3 now!

Show Ball 3

Analyze very well the game you want to play and define your best strategy in Show Ball 3. Then decide whether to start the game with 1, 2, 3 or 4 cards. If you prefer you can change the numbers on the cards to other numbers that will bring you better luck. Just click on them. Change the speed of the ball draw at the bottom left corner of the Show Ball 3 screen.

To get started, follow the rules:

  • Start the game by entering your bet amount in Show Ball 3. The higher the bet the higher your chances of winning prizes!
  • To increase or decrease the number of cards click on the “Cards” button. Each card has 15 numbers divided into 3 columns. All numbers on the cards are drawn randomly.
  • Win the Jackpot by playing from bet 3, with as many cards as you like and play bingo until the 30th ball is drawn.

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