Poker Tutorial

Explaining how to play for free online poker is not one of the easiest things and this is the typical thing that you learn more in practice than in theory. But here we go. Poker is a game that uses a regular pack of cards and deals cards to members of a table.

Therefore, the intention of the game is to have the best possible combination of hands. Below we will talk more about those combinations. But in case you receive the cards and don’t have a combination, or don’t believe in the strength of it, you fold.

Some Strategies

Poker Tutorial

The number of cards is something that varies greatly for each poker diversification. Texas Hold’em is the most famous and used of these, so know that if you’re dealt two cards and have five on the table, the game is probably Texas Hold’em.

However, what makes poker even cooler is the possibility of bluffing. What does this mean? It means that even if you don’t have a good combination, you can take a chance and count on other busts to take the money that is on the table just because you are the last one “alive”. But, of course, this is a risky strategy that requires great care.

In free online poker, chips have their values, but you pay nothing for them, you win by accumulating them. In cash games, each chip is worth the money invested and there are tables that can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars and awards that reach millions. It is called high stakes.

Free online poker


When choosing a bookmaker, an online casino or a place to play free poker online, there are several elements to analyze. We primarily consider the security that the house offers its customers, its reputation on the market, the quality of the software and the platform in general and finally the customer service.

Having said all this, to play free online poker we consider that bet365, 1xbet, Betmotion, Betfair and 188bet are the best, since they offer all of this. And, in addition, each of them has other benefits, such as payment methods designed for the public, among other things.

Thus, the interesting thing here is that you test all these houses and also others to generate your own opinion. After all, apart from basic elements such as security and reputation, the others are a matter of taste. Those who do not care so much about a clean layout on the site will not care if one site is too polluted and difficult to find things and the other not.

Besides that, the minimum requirements are to offer a secure site for your data to be protected, to have free online poker and to be a respected company in the market and well seen by your clients. In other words, that it has a good reputation.

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