How not become a gambling addict when playing in online casinos?

Gambling addiction is a dangerous problem that may lead to fatal consequences. As a result of gambling addiction, a person can lose most of his financial savings and become completely dependent on casinos, bets, and slot machines. The problem has become so widespread that billions of dollars are allocated annually to deal with this issue, and dozens of new laws are developed to regulate the online gambling industry. Besides, BetChan and some other reputable online casinos help solve this problem, cooperating with international Responsible Gambling organizations.

Gambling addiction symptoms

If you don’t want to become a game addict, you need to first examine the most obvious gambling addiction symptoms. So, here are some signs by which you can determine whether it is gambling addiction and it is time to get help or just a harmless hobby:

  • You think about gambling all the time and can’t focus on anything else;
  • Forcing yourself to concentrate on the tasks at hand is getting harder and harder;
  • When you aren’t gambling, you feel discomfort and anxiety;
  • You have started spending more time in online casinos (3-4 hours per day and more);
  • The rates are going up. The money, which previously seemed insane to lose, is now at stake without regret;
  • There have already been several attempts to fight this addiction, all of which ended in failure.

The consequences of gambling addiction


If you do not stop in time, gambling addiction can lead to:

  • Loss of all financial savings;
  • Family problems, deterioration of relations between spouses;
  • To nervous stress, exhaustion, and even illness;
  • Suicidal thoughts, depression;
  • Loss of job and reputation.

So, as you can see, gambling addiction can lead to serious consequences and that’s why it must be treated as fast as possible. 

How To Treat Gambling Addiction?

Treating gambling addiction depends on how much the addiction is in control of you. If you feel that things are not so bad yet, then use the following recommendations:

  1. Get distracted by something else. Try doing your favorite hobbies, meeting friends, or taking a short trip. During this time, your dopamine system will recover slightly and you will be able to control yourself during addiction attacks.
  2. Delete all casino accounts and block online casinos on your computer and phone. This is a more efficient way of fighting the problem: just get rid of the incipient addiction once and for all, so as not to suffer with it in the future. Download any blocking software and list all your favorite casinos.

If you have an extremely strong gambling addiction, then you need to take other actions:

  1. Get rid of the Internet completely for a while (the longer the better). It is advisable not to go to the computer and phone at all for several months. Believe me, it will only do you good.
  2. Call for help! Now there are a huge number of organizations that help people with gambling addiction for free. Find their phone on the internet and call. They will tell you what to do.

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